What we do Responsible Digital provides digital solutions with socially responsible and sustainability conscious teams. If you're determined to make your brand stand out with a sustainable edge on your website, partner with Responsible Digital. Our services include website development, data and AI advising, digital marketing, and education. At Responsible Digital, we prioritize accountability, accessibility, transparency, and sustainability.

Responsible Digital make all kinds of websites. Landing Pages, Event Pages, Ecommerce sites, Portfolio sites, websites for Tourism, and more. Websites don't always need huge databases or heavy platforms such as Wordpress to be effective. At Responsible Digital, we design accessible, efficient, and a lot less energy consuming sites all while without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Responsible Digital specializes in static websites. A static website displays pre-defined content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as opposed to dynamic sites which generate the content in real-time upon request. We create code that is accessible, beautiful, and functional. Static files are lightweight and they load faster than dynamic sites such as those created with Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and other website builders. Because of this, they use less energy and are also more cost-effective. Additionally, static sites are optimal for SEO since search engines can efficiently scan their pre-rendered content directly from the HTML files.

In this way, Responsible Digital creates websites responsibly. We create with tools that use less energy, have lower carbon emissions, are less exploitative, and are designed with your audience in mind.

Designing with care in a way that is authentic and aligns with your values. Earn trust with your community, customers, coworkers, and partners by choosing to have a more ecologically and socially responsible website, make your community and customers feel safe by choosing to host their data securely, and Responsible digital is committed to finding high-performance websites and solutions that not only meet your goals and align with your values, but also prioritize care and sustainability at every step.

Static sites (design+code+set-up) start at 500CAD/USD/EUR/GBP. BYOD (bring your own domain). 

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